Cargo Operating System

COS stands for Cargo Operating System. COS is our showpiece. This number one GSA software tool covers a wide range of functionalities. From AWB Stock control to CASS report. From Booking confirmation email to fully customizable Cargo Sales Report. COS is the complete GSA software tool with even EDI and API integration: incoming and outgoing. Many years of development and experience have merged into this progressive web based application.


The functionalities in COS have been carefully developed in close cooperation with business analysts whom know the air cargo industry from their own experience. And that makes COS just so powerful. In a nutshell, and surely not limited to, we herewith sum up just some key functionalities:

  • AWB Stock control
  • AWB Stock reporting
  • Automated emails for AWB stock assign actions
  • Easy and user friendly booking screen
  • Instant single booking
  • Automated pre bookings
  • Interline booking
  • Automatic booking creation from incoming FFR
  • Outgoing FFR
  • Booking confirmation
  • Irregularity log on AWB level
  • Overall irregularity reporting
  • Instant routing suggestion while creating booking
  • Automated pricing
  • Document storage on AWB/booking level
  • Outgoing and incoming FWB processing
  • Pre planning tools
  • Post flight tools
  • Automated uplift information emails
  • Automated incoming FFM processing
  • Manifest creation, printing
  • Workflow screens and tools
  • Flexible reporting


While we have a full range of operational functionalities, your sales department will also encounter numerous benefits from COS. Let’s sum up some key subjects:

  • Import of net rate sheets buying and selling
  • Customize breakpoints for each net rate sheet
  • Numerous settings to apply net rates for specific traffic
  • User friendly Other charges management
  • Defining special deals
  • Defining Agent groups
  • Automated booking pricing based on net rate sheets
  • Multi-currency
  • User friendly Ad-hoc pricing on AWB level
  • Instant margin calcualtions
  • Easy All Inn price setting
  • Flexible reporting

Finance & monthly reporting

  • Several workflow and overview screens
  • Regular sales invoices. Combined, per AWB or per Airline
  • Fully paperless invoice distribution
  • CASS reporting
  • Cargo Sales Report generating tools and custom column definition
  • DCM tooling
  • Flexible financial reporting
  • Financial data export and third party system integration
  • Multi-currency
  • Exchange rate management
  • VAT setup and management

The number one GSA software tool

This progressive web application offers more

COS offers several powerful user settings like different colour themes and regional settings (for date and time formats). COS is a multi-language web application and let users set the layout of most important screens. The booking screen for example can be designed and customized exactly the way the user likes it the most.

Multi tenant

Does your organisation spread over multiple locations and/or markets? COS can offer you a multi company setup. Each company with own users. Each user with own access rights. And as an owner or controller, you can run reports from all (or a selection of) offices with a single login!

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