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About us


While the worldwide aviation grew rapidly in the past 30 years, the air cargo capacity, and especially the need for this fast type of transportation, became very popular. Airlines started to appoint General Sales Agents (GSA) in foreign countries to maximize their yields on aircraft roundtrips. The GSA’s also offered their services to other airlines. While individual airlines were equipped with a reservation system, the GSA’s felt the need for a GSA inhouse solution to accommodate the data of multiple airlines. And this is where we in the early years stepped in.

DCBI (datacair by that time) offered IT services to a couple of GSA companies in Switzerland. And all of them struggled with the same issues: they needed an inhouse solution for their air cargo bookings. Not only to store the details of the shipments, but also to create invoices towards customers and reporting tools to hand over to airlines. A long journey followed, with many different systems and platforms. From a basic software solution in the early eighties to an advanced Windows application fully integrated in Microsoft’s Dynamics Navision.


Nowadays the IT part (software development, IT services, support) of datacair has been split off and accommodated in a separate and dedicated company called DCBI. As an independent aviation IT supplier, and with offices in several countries, DCBI is able to offer you the service you require. We know your business. We adapt to your needs.

DCBI works with multiple cloud services. Software wise and also storage wise. We can work from any place in the world and we access our highly secured data, services and products also from those places. All of this is secured by the latest and most modern solutions and technologies.

DCBI’s headquarter is located in Switzerland (Zurich) and this is also the base of Angelo Lassandro. Angelo is the Managing Director of DCBI and he, with all of his IT and aviation experience, is responsible for the day to day business. An entire team of software developers, support employees, trainers, cloud & IT specialists, innovation team and business analysts, ensure that DCBI keeps up with the latest technologies and that end users work with the best solutions.

Towards the future

The air cargo industry is always on the move. Today the Chinese market is booming. Tomorrow the USA is going through the roof. And we navigate along. We realise that today’s technology is outdated next year. So we keep close eye on the developments. We adapt constantly to the latest standards and wherever we can, we would rather be ahead of the mass.

Interested in our services? Want to know what we can offer you? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be pleased to welcome you onboard soon.